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Eco's Chamber is a curated compendium of resources for enhancing the enjoyment and fulfillment of tabletop role-playing games.

In the Scriptorium you will find articles touching on a variety of topics, focusing on a literary and philosophical approach toward how and why we play these games.

Psalmody offers free-to-use original music, composed with motifs designed to accompany role-playing games or videos. Just be sure to credit the composer!

Among the Illuminations are advice for tabletop crafters (from those who make do in small apartments and on a small budget), photos of our work, and links to the professionals in the craft whose tutorials have inspired us and thousands of others.

Please contact us with any questions or comments on the Missives page!

This site is made possible strictly through your support. If you have the means and the inclination, feel free to drop something in the Alms bucket.

And now, venture forth!

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Dungeon Craft is the gold standard for enlightening and entertaining discussion of all aspects of tabletop RPGs.

Seth Skorkowsky is a gifted storyteller who provides indispensable insight for DMs and players alike.

Sly Flourish, aka The Lazy DM, teaches us how to run more fulfilling games with minimal preparation.

Questing Beast offers informed reviews and stimulating commentary, with a focus on the OSR.

Runehammer approaches our game with equal parts savvy and savagery.


Eco's Chamber

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